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MT Blacklist for MovableType 3.0 is coming!

Jay Allen, creator of MT Blacklist, has just released MT-Blacklist v2.0G5, which his entry into the MovableType 3.0 plugin contest. Considering how useful MT-Blacklist 1.x has been, he should automatically be awarded a prize, but I'm excited that he has updated his plugin as it means:

MovableType 3.0 will be installed on (soon, as in a couple of weeks)

I tried every which way to configure to use MT 3.0's various comment features, such as TypeKey authentication and comment moderation; both lead to a decrease in valid comments on my site and/or increased my administrative headache. If I weren't so lazy, I would have reverted to MT 2.6 just to get MT-Blacklist back.

BTW - MT-Blacklist 2.0 adds a feature that I think is really cool: you can specify an 'open' comment window in which entries less than X days are unmoderated, but after that time window, comments become moderated. Its so simple, so obvious in retrospect, and oh-so awesome. All of my comment spam is on older entries, as the spammers get the URLs from Google. It is conceivable (until the spammers get smarter) that this single feature would eliminate all spam on my site, and it doesn't even involve maintaining a Blacklist. Woohoo!

As evidence of my hypothesis, try the following experiment:

1) Search Google for mt-comments
2) Look familiar?

All three times this experiment has been performed, I, or the person I was demonstrating it to said, "Why, those are the entries I get my spam on!" New entries don't appear in Google quickly, nor do they initially have a very high page rank, so there so the open comment window should do well.

BTW: renaming mt-comments.cgi will reduce your comment spam, but not eliminate it.

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I'm glad to hear that MT Blacklist is going to continue to be a staple in the world of MT.

Personally, I've found that the comment system in MT 3.0 Developer to be more than sufficent to battle comment SPAM, but I like the features that you've mentioned and I'm sure that I'll install it myself on my weblog. :)

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