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I be back

As my home server has become a functional brain in some regards, serving as both memory and recall, the title for this entry holds a grain of truth.

The real is back now, which means some previous crippled content and functionality is back online now, including:
- movie list
- reading list
- ability to post photo galleries
- monthly and category archives
- the search bar should actually work again

Note to people upgrading to MovableType 3.0D with MTRssFeed, the following patch to from TweezerMan seems to work:

# return MT->VERSION<'2.50'?_decode_xml_fallback($value):decode_xml($value); my $mt_ver = MT->VERSION; $mt_ver =~ s/^(.*)\D$/$1/; return $mt_ver<'2.50'?_decode_xml_fallback($value):decode_xml($value);


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