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Comic-Con: 24-hour Comics

Read on for a sparse and paraphrased transcript as well as a couple of photos

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(left to right): * Nat Gertler (Founder of 24 Hour Comics Day) * Ryan Browne (24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2004) * Josh Howard (Dead@17) * Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics)

IMPORTANT: these are not exact quotes. They are mostly paraphrasing of what what said.

Josh: In the middle I thought I'd never do it again... but now I'm looking forward to do it again

Ryan: It's about not seconding guessing your self. (He's done three now)

Scott: * "[The original set] were dark." * "Well of course its morbid." * There were a lot of page 19 dark panels, lone figures on white backgrounds. * Comic book artists think faster than they draw, the "mind works faster than our hands." 24-hour comics reverse this. * Exorcises demons out of subconscious. Have to go on backup generators. * 24-hour comic day (4/24/04) was brighter (in contrast to the early morbid books). More communal experience. More superhero action comics. Less male genitalia.

Josh: Took a girl, robot, and an alien and put them on a spaceship... see what would happen. Ended up with a punchline on a whim that he liked that tied everything together.

Nat: No right way to do this. Some do thumbs and scripts. First page always takes more than an hour. Someone did stick figure with Ben Affleck heads. Photo comics.

Scott: One of the seven he picked for the 24-hour comics collection was by a musician who had never done a professional comic.

Josh: All of his characters were despicable.

Scott: His daughter did one in 22 hours during summer vacation the same day they got a Playstation. There was a cute exchange between him and his daughter, who was present, about the official record holder for the youngest person who did a 24 hour comic. The daughter asserted that person didn't qualify because he cranked it out in 4 hours ("Godzilla is my Worst Enemy"), so it wasn't a true 24 hour comic.

Nat: At first thought that "Godzilla is my Worst Enemy" was pretty morbid, but then realized that if Godzilla is your worst enemy, then life is probably pretty good. Other interesting titles: "1989 Was a Long Ass Time Ago", "I Mock Thee Distant Camel". There were a lot of good ones done by people not known for making deadlines.

Scott: Asked about Battle of Lexington. It was a comic he and Kurt Busiek created in high school as their very first comic. Took three years, but it taught them a lot about storytelling. It was about Marvel superheroes beating each other up. Unlikely to be finished.

Documentarian: For their 24-hour comic session, they had an "Inspiration Fairy," who was a fairly big guy that you could go hit in the stomach. The Inspiration Fairy would then hand you a piece of inspiration (e.g. a comic).

Scott: Try to make the goal: "what is the most I can draw in 24 hours"

Noble failures: * Gaiman Variant: Beat 24 hours, but less than 24 pages * Eastman Variant: Keep going until 24 pages are done (as long as you don't fall asleep)

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