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Comic-Con: Composition in Storytelling

Didn't stay at this panel very long. It was by two Atelier folks, one who worked mostly with digital, and the other mostly in analog. Some of the main points were:
* keep your corners vacant, don't want to put important stuff there
* establish a grid, keep focal points away from border region
* spacing to border can establish mood. Squishing character against border creates sense of claustrophobia.
* tie your panels together. beyond the Marvel-y techniques of pointing and looking to establish connections between panels, try to lock panels together by echoing curves and shapes from one panel to another.

Most of everything else was a Photoshop tutorial, and the room was uncomfortably warm, so we jetted. I was hoping for something more along the lines of showing a bunch of different comic book pages and deconstructing their composition, rather than a live demonstration of composing a page, but that's more my learning style.

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