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Comic-Con: Mirrormask

Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman were back like acting like the old married couple that they are in order to talk about Mirrormask. I was happy because I finally got to see a couple clips of what it would actually look like, though I was pressed for time and saw only one of the several clips. It pretty much looked like Dave McKean art done in 3-D, which is rather cool.

Some highlights: * Gaiman had toured Pixars massive render farm. In comparison, McKean only had a "Render Cottage Garden." * Gaiman mentioned that they never officially got the green light for the film. It was more of a "blinking amber." * McKean: "Every possible thing has gone wrong... I don't want to go through it again." A lot of the film was done during a heatwave, which tasked their computers as well as their actors in full makeup/masks. * McKean: with computer-generated graphics, realism is often the goal. Instead, McKean wanted to explore the range that CG would allow so that he could make something more illustrative, more dream-like.

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