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Comic-Con: Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury's session was mostly full of soundbites and anecdotes (which he was prompted for). I'm afraid that these notes are very accurate, but I am transcribing them for my memory anyway. For each of these stories there's a lot more to tell, and I'm fairly certain that they've been told before (as most of the stories were prompted), so I would Google for the whole story if you're actually interested.

Read on for my notes and a photo.


  • Bradbury was working on a script for a planetarium (I think for NASA). To Bradbury, the planetarium is a holy place, where the whole universe is laid out before you. You don't need to teach someone there, you should preach to them instead. "If you inspire them, they will teach themselves."
  • Doing a script for the Smithsonian, Bradbury came to a head with the administration. He asked them what bothered them the most about his script, they said that the Big Bang occurred 12 billion years ago, not 10 billion. Bradbury responded, "prove it."
  • J. Forest Ackerman paid for his bus fare to go to a SciFi con in 1939.
  • Bradbury was walking along the beach in Venice, CA on day and came across a the remains of the old pier and rollercoaster, which was buried in the sand. Bradbury referred to it as a "dinosaur on the beach." He woke up in the middle of the night and heard a fog horn, and he thought of a dinosaur coming in from the ocean, hearing the fog horn, and thinking that it was another of its kind, and that became the inspiration for The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.
  • John Houston offered him a job to adapt Moby Dick. Bradbury responded, "I tried reading it and I couldn't."
  • Julie Scwartz bought his first short story.
  • Someone asked if it was true that Bradbury said he would quit writing if a particular short story wasn't bought. The questioner said, "I don't believe that." "I don't either," was Bradbury's response.
  • Mr. Electrico telling him to "live forever" was his inspiration for writing to this day. There's really a lot more to this story that I hope is transcribed somewhere else.
  • Bradbury uses three typewriters and dictates to his daughter over the phone.


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