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Sketches: Queen and Country

update (7/27/05): I completed my Tara Chace collection -- Brian Hurtt drew me a great sketch at Comic-Con 2005.

Sunday was Queen and Country day. In addition to getting an advance reading copy of Rucka's new QnC novel, I also managed to get Tara Chace drawn by every QnC artist, with the exception of Brian Hurtt (ran out of time). Someone one-upped me and got a huge roster drawn by every roster on a large board; I think it became somewhat of a competition between the artists to do their best as their drawing was next to their peers, and it looks really cool. I have a photo of the nearly complete roster (two drawings are missing from the photo).

My favorite drawing is Rolsten's, as I think it portrays her character jadedness the best. It also helps that he was one of the only artists who did inked his drawing. I also really like Carla Speed McNeil's sketch. J. Alexander did an absolutely awesome sketch for the person doing the roster as he broke out the ink, and a lot of his style comes from the way he inks.

Queen and Country wouldn't be complete without mastermind Rucka's sketch, so I've included his sketch in the full entry even though the sketch is a 'self-portrait.'

Scott Rolsten

rolsten sketch

Mike Norton

norton sketch

J. Alexander

j. alexander sketch

Carla Speed McNeil

carla speed mcneil sketch

Leandro Fernandez

fernandez sketch

Mike Hawthorne

hawthorne sketch

Greg "Shifty Eyes" Rucka

rucka sketch

Rucka and J. Alexander (Rolsten's red hair on far left):


Leandro Fernandez and Carla Speed McNeil (Hurtt/Hawthorne/Norton at far table):


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