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Comic-Con TnA report

I capturing the sights and sounds of the Comic-Con, I would be remiss in not discussing the, uh, TnA. Needless to say, there was no end to the: * paintings of scantily clad women, often with small "family friendly" stickers * pictures of scantily clad women (an occasional Playboy playmate even), oftentimes with that woman sitting behind an album of them * groups of scantily clad women, hired by vendors, such as the eAdultComics harem

There's even TnA packaged for kids, such as this woman whose costume features foam cleavage:


But really, I mainly wanted to write this post to give a special award to the makers of Species III. I could give them an award because someone was idiotic enough to make two sequels to that terrible movie (this one so shameful that not even Natasha Henstridge would appear in it). Surprisingly, though, that wasn't the most ignominious act associated with this movie series. The most ignominious act, in my opinion, occurred at their booth at Comic-Con, which you can see a picture of if you read on.


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Frank Tyrrell:

The original Species was a pretty good sci-fi/horror film. Species II was at least watchable. Species III is nothing more than a tittie movie masquerading as science fiction, and bad science fiction at that. Stupid. Utterly stupid. Unless you just like watching titties.


Feces, FecesII, and FecesIII were all bad movies in every aspect.


That top "foam cleavage" pic is from Tripping The Rift, which is DEFINITELY not a kids' cartoon. It is ridiculously gross and funny, though.

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