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Sketches: Indy Press

In this entry are sketches from Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze), Michael Gagne (draws all manner of twisted things, including twisted bunnies), and Ross Campbell (Spooked, a bit of Hopeless Savages). The Campbell and Naifeh sketches were for pqbon; the request for both was along the lines of, "draw my roommate something that mocks him for not being here." The Naifeh request was humorous because Naifeh had his right arm in a sling from a motorcycle accident. We showed him some of the broken leg sketches that we got for pqbon last year as inspiration (hence, the arm sling on Courtney Crumrin's arm).

I was also lucky enough to get a sketch from Jeff Smith. It happened pretty much by accident, as I happened to run into him wandering out of the Quick Draw panel. I asked for a sketch and he said, "sure," as long as I walked with him so as to prevent everyone else from swarming to him. Getting a sketch otherwise would have been fairly tough as his booth was packed whenever he was there. He had these beautiful gold leaf, hardcover editions of the complete Bone series that I really wanted, but were a bit over my budget ($120).

Ted Naifeh

I was hesitant to approach Naifeh at first as he had his right arm in a sling. Then I noticed him signing stuff and realized he is left handed. This sketch goes well with Ross Campbell's sketch, also mocking pqbon. In fact, Ross Campbell's sketch is drawn in the indentations of Naifeh's sketch, as Naifeh tends to press really hard. Ross said something to the effect of, "awesome, I get to draw in Ted Naifeh's indentations!"

naifeh sketch

More sketches in the extended entry.

Eric Shanower

Eric Shanower is the type of person who responds, "Okay, I'll draw you a sketch, but it will be quick," and then proceeds to draw a cool detailed pen drawing of your request. Here's is his "quick sketch" of Agamemnon.

shanower sketch

Christine has a Helen and Achilles sketch that I most post here later.

Jeff Smith

smith sketch

Michael Gagne

gagne sketch

Ross Campbell

'that guy' = pqbon.

campbell sketch

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Eric Shanower is possibly the sweetest guy at comic-con, such a contrast to many of the others. I feel bad that I didn't come back to buy his book, but I ran out of cash. I figure I'll buy it on Amazon.

kwc Author Profile Page:

To be fair, I think nearly everyone I got a sketch from this year was really nice, not just because they gave me a sketch. Rucka, for example, told us about the free copies of his book, Ross Campbell seemed generally psyched, and Jeff Smith humored me by giving me a sketch as he was walking and didn't seem the slightest bit annoyed. There did seem to be a negative correlation between a person's popularity and their niceness, but I think that's a combination of fatigue and the 10 people waiting behind you for sketches.

A lot of it is also whether or not you discuss stuff that interests the author, e.g. talking with Burks about Iron Giant, talking with Shanower about researching his works, talking with Morse about Kurosawa. This is why its useful to have honeyfields with you -- she always seems to have these good conversations with the artists/authors.

John Klein Elhorst:

Do you mind if I make an remake of your sketch from achilles for my new realestate company? greatings Bc. almost Msc. Re. J.H. Klein Elhorst I draw it with the pc.. based on your sketch thanks!!!

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