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Google HQ

Had my first tour of the new Google HQ today. It was an event held for AAAI participants that was a thinly veiled recruiting event, though the recruiters stayed far away, letting us munch down on really, really good food and drinks on their large patio. They gave us some cool shwag -- Nalgene bottles with Google logos and black Google t-shirts -- and afterwards there were some fairly open tours of the actual campus.

I managed to wander over to where benoit sat during his orientation time, which was near Eric Schmidt's and Brin/Page's offices. I was surprised that even people like Brin, Page, and Norvig all have to share offices, and there's a lot of shared cubicles as well. I guess they wanted to foster that communal spirit. The food they give their own employees is awesome -- everywhere you look there's free, high-quality snacks; I would gain 50 pounds my first week, or as meta would say, I would be sportin' a third trimester food baby in no time.

On the way out they handed out free shares of their stock and showed me their warehouse with the Ark of the Covenant, but alas, I'm under NDA, and can say no more -- I can't tell you what was inside the Ark.

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