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*blog seizure*

Stan Sakai has made his way into my backpostings, as my Quick Draw Panel entry is 90% complete (awaiting collaboration with Christine).

I still haven't posted on the half of the Stephen Silver talk (see Penny Arcade) I went to, nor my notes on Alex Sinclair's coloring tutorial (mostly a Photoshop tutorial), nor the Adapting Comics to the Screen Panel (during which I got a photo of myself with Stan Lee and his autograph). I think these notes will have to wait, even in light of the fact that my short term memory is gushing out of my ears right now due to the Comic-Con being followed by an AI conference. Of these three potential entries, it's most likely that I'll transcribe the Sinclair notes, and drop the others, but we shall see (any requests?). I also have about four photos of Jude Law that may languish, as well as some bad photos of Ray Park, Kenny Baker, a giant promo robot, and someone who I think is Sienna Guillory from the upcoming Resident Evil flick. There's also this interview with JD Salinger that I'm gonna toss. Good night.

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bp Author Profile Page:

Wow, a little overload, eh? What's your blog posting rate been for the last week?

Since I'm not that familiar with the personalities of the comic world, I can't really make any requests.... though I am (*cough*, *cough*) definitely looking forward to reading your notes on Alex Sinclair's coloring tutorial.

kwc Author Profile Page:

Coloring tutorial notes it is. I don't know how easily I can describe actions in Photoshop in terminology I was just learning at the time, nor can I convey the deftness of his Wacom pen, but I'll give it a shot.

By my count I have had 43 posts (not including typo/99) since I got back Saturday night (you have to count my entries, which equates to about 10 posts/day. This should finally drop today, as there are less talks for me to go today, and my Comic-Con posts are nearly done.

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