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Movie: The Village

When I saw the headline on CNN, 'The Village' Shyamalan's best film yet, I had high expectations going into the film. I should have read Ebert's review instead. I haven't seen Signs yet, but both The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable were far better movies with far better stories.

The Village starts off promising, and thirty minutes into the film you believe that Shyamalan might have something interesting setup. Then the pieces start falling into place, but you see each one coming ahead of time, because they fall in obvious and boring ways, and I myself am obvious and boring, so it took no incredible leaps of imagination. I thought of a reorderings of scenes that could have changed the movie entirely and made it much more twisted, but I cannot speak of them here, as to do so would obvious spoil the movie for those who persist in seeing it.

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Daniel L. Robert:

I saw the movie two days ago in France with five friends.After about one hour on account of boredom I left both the film and the friends.The fact that it was dubbed did nothing for it.I would have preferred subtiles...Back home,about midnight I got a very nasty SMS on my cell phone commenting on my leaving .It was from a young female friend part of the group with whom I had planned to cross Europe by car from Aquitaine to Ukraine...She has not talk to me yet and the trip is probably over...So much for the movie and yes we know about Shaker furniture...Regards. Daniel.

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