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It's been awhile since I've done a zeitgeist report for this site. In the past k-leo and gollum have ranked highly on this site's search results, though I moved the gollum image so as to lower that particular datapoint. The k-leo results remain because I find the comments on that thread so amusing that I can't bring myself to delete them.

I was inspired to do another report because I find the top result for this month so far to be really disturbing, which comes as a result of this comic-con post. As for the other results, let me state that: * the Redskins do not suck (at least, not yet) * It's sad that I've become tech support for Microsoft error messages. If I were to describe the one job in the world that you couldn't pay me enough to do, it would be Microsoft Tech Support, and yet my blog has doomed me to this terrible fate. Darn you MovableType! * which one is Andy Lau? * somehow I find Googling a Google e-mail address to be amusing.

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Since Ken just posted up his search results, I thought I'd share the results of mine too. His site still gets way more hits than mine, but my results are equally entertaining. Ever since I posted about Jonathan Brandis and... [Read More]

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don't you know anything?

andy lau is the guy who is the insider in the police for the mafia and gets his butt ditched by the gf. in real life, he's a huge pop star in hong kong and taiwan, and is known as one of the four pop "kings."

tony leung played broken sword in hero. i think i'm in love with him.

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eh, they all look same

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