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Happy Friday the 13th

I'm having a great Friday the 13th: * 8:30am: Dropped of my car to have the windows on the left side fixed (broken regulators) * 11:30am: Rode my bike to the dentist to have him look at my broken crown * 12:30pm: As I left the dentist I discovered that there was a staple through my back tire, so I had to have meta come pick me up * 1:30pm: Blew my only spare tube trying to fix the flat tire because I'm incompetent * 2:30pm: Picked up more spare tubes from bike shop, finally got back tire fixed on bike * 4:30pm: Picked up car from BMW, spent $700 on extending my warranty that expires in two weeks * 5:00pm: Discovered that my sunroof regulator may need to be replaced as well

Hmm, I'm hungry

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