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Last weekend

Went to the Small Brewer's Fest last weekend. It seemed smaller than in previous years; it appeared to me that although the tent was the same size, they spread the booths further apart, and there were a lot less small brewers, i.e. there were either not-so-small-brewers (Sierra Nevada, New Belgium), or restaurant breweries (Faultline, Tied House). If memory serves me right, even Anchor didn't show up this year.

A marching band performed, which was amusing, because it I got to see that band geeks do have a life after college.

Also went to a house-warming (jp) and a house-leaving (itinerant) party on Sunday. During the first we discussed orthodox religions and embroidered holes in sheets, and during the latter another person and I vociferously debated the existence of an army position that hasn't been held since WWII, which is of great importance, naturally.

I'll end with a small poll for gamers out of curiousity: which fighting game franchise is better, Tekken Tag or Dead or Alive?

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tekken by far. focuses on gameplay depth and has great intuitive control. i will say that doa does have some depth, but plays much more simply.

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