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Not the movie, but the phrase, which means "Life out of balance." Granted, there's no Philip Glass soundtrack or fear of industrial development, but the phrase remains descriptive enough for how I've felt for the past several months, perhaps starting when I first injured my back, and then worsened by the complacency that followed. The environment we live in has such a strong hold on how we feel and how we develop, and in my most recent move I didn't feel that the pieces came together just right.

Using the methods I learned growing up as a military brat, I'm attempting to right things in the way I best know how, which is a long way of saying that I will be moving, again, in the near future (60 days), as will the rest of the house of 99.

This perhaps is a good time to advertise a wonderful house for you or anybody you know to move into. Those of you who have visited know that it is quite a spectacular house, with three bedrooms, a gigantic living room and kitchen, small basement, 2-car garage, very large backyard, and cottage, all totaling 3/4 of an acre I believe. I was jealous of the previous tenants when they lived there, and I'll be jealous of whoever moves in next.

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