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Credit where credit is due

The new MT Blacklist is spectacular (in comparison, the first version was merely great). Since installing it on, not a single spam has gotten through. Additionally, MT Blacklist requires almost no administration -- it updates its list automatically every night. This is everything a spam-fighting tool should be:

a) blocks all your spam
b) requires no effort on your part

I'm still in the habit of logging in constantly to clean out my spam, but I will soon learn that it no longer requires my assistance, and I can spend that extra time doing more productive work.

There are a couple of minor Windows-only bugs, but these really aren't an issue because no spam has gotten through, so I haven't had to use the features that have those bugs.

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hey, i just ran across your mri scan image. i am doing post-doc research on back pain issues and MRI scans, do you think you could scan in the rest of your MRIs for my research purposes? please email me at your earliest convenience, thanks!

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