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A pleasant DMV experience

Two announcements:

1) I have officially forsaken my Virginia identity and have applied for a California driver's license.

I've given up on my previous plan to fly to Virginia, re-register my license there, and also register as an absentee voter, mainly because there may be tax implications of pretending to still be a Virginia resident.

2) My California DMV experience went really well. This is shocking. I've avoided (1) for three years because the bad stories about the DMV were endless. Cohen went there three times before he was successful; others went online to make appointments for dates 30 days in the future. I, on the other hand, went online, and was given an appointment for the next day. When I showed up for my appointment, I took a number, which was called promptly. I then discovered I did not have $24 in cash, as required, but the woman helping directed me to an ATM and let me cut back in line.

My only disappointment in the whole experience is that I got 100% of the questions right. Clearly, if there was any time wasted, it was studying for that test.

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