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Bull riding (not me)

As meta noted, we went to the Saddlerack in Fremont Friday night. It was a rather interesting place, as I would have never expected a country-western Bar of that magnitude to exist in the Bay Area. If you had taken a photo of the parking lot, one would think you were in Texas, as nearly every American pickup truck in the South Bay must have been parked there. This is not to say that the entire crowd was authentic; rather, the bar had to cater to both the authentic and ironic crowds, the latter mostly made up of Stanford students and what-not. The music would switch between live country and Outkast and the like, though each would run for about half-an-hour to give each group its appropriate amount of time on the dance floor.

meta rode the mechanical bull, as did several others. Sadly, jay wussed out, or perhaps he didn't want to deprive watching female riders. I, of course, can blame my invertebrate spine for my weakness.

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