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I saw zealot for the first time in quite awhile on Saturday. She was a proper CD/DVD-shopping companion: while being responsible for instigating our trip to Rasputin Music, she also made sure that I didn't waste all my disposable income there by going through my selections with me and tossing anything I showed the slightest hesitation purchasing. None of this, though, stopped her from impulse-buying Knight Rider Season One at the cash register.

Quick tangent: sarah, Season One and Three of the TNG. Rasputin Music. $50 each. You know you want it.

Also got to see Jeff and Dave, yet again on Castro Street in MV. We hung out a bit before I rushed Jay over the airport, and then dropped in on Al's b-day bash. I will note that Al's team won the mini-golf tourney with Al wearing the yellow bracelet, a fact which will become important in a future post I am preparing.

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I've got 2nd season TNG, in case you want to trade/swap..


kwc, must you tempt me with promises of such glorious tv watching? if i get tng seasons 1 and 3, i'll never do any work and my applications will sit idly on my desk, and soon develop a layer of dust on them. then i'd never get into my grad program, and i'd be a poor bum and i'd live off of your largess forever and slowly ferment into a big, lazy piece of indolent turd. what would you do then? so you see, you shouldn't encourage my procrastination; the end result would be such that you wouldn't benefit from my infatuation with data and wil wheaten. but maybe then again, you already don't...


and let me just say, now that they went and sort of killed off data in the last trek movie, it's all demented. granted he was getting old, bla bla bla, data doesn't get old, bla bla bla, it's just demented. what's tng without a data?

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