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Book: Sourcery

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I have a pattern of alternating styles of books, usually intermixing non-fiction or thought-intensive fiction with light-hearted sci-fi. I've often referred to this latter category as a "palette cleanser," as its main purpose is to wash my mind clean.

I'm starting to rely on Terry Pratchett books to fulfill this role (not that humor isn't good literature) because his books are both hilarious and quick-to-read, which are both good properties of a good interstice. I also don't feel bad about not remembering the details of what happened, as Pratchett doesn't appear interested either, particularly as it pertains to geography. Seeing as Pratchett's written a bazillion of these Discworld novels, his books will enable me to continue this pattern into the foreseeable future. (I used to use Stephen King as my palette cleanser

I've finished the fifth book now -- Sourcery -- and I figured its about time that I do an entry on one of these books. It somewhat defeats the purpose of an interstitial palette cleanser to do a blog entry on each one, but five sounds like a good number to do one. It wasn't my favorite of the first five in the series (that honor probably goes to Color of Magic or Equal Rites), but it was entertaining nevertheless.

In the extended entry I have four quotes that I liked, with full page images for you to enjoy.

Pages 52/53

"Anyway, they don't allow women inside after dark," he said.

"And before dark?"

"Not then, either."

Conina sighed. "That's silly. What have you wizards got against women?"

Rincewind's brow wrinkled. "We're not supposed to put anything against women," he said. "That's the whole point."

Page 55:

"I mean, when they find out, it's very hard to hang onto a boyfriend."

"Except by the throat, I imagine," said Rincewind.

Page 66:

he gave the impression of being as fragile as a cheese straw, and in some unaccountable way the dryness of his endeavours had left him with the ability to pronounce punctuation.

Page 174:

Many people who had gotten to know Rincewind had come to treat him as a sort of two-legged miner's canary* and tended to assume that if Rincewind was still upright and not actually running then some hope remained

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