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Useful Firefox Extensions Guide

I just read through Flexbeta's Guide To Firefox Extensions and ended up installing a couple more Firefox extensions. My current list of extensions is:

  • DOM Inspector (rarely use, just re-enables the old DOM Inspector)
  • BugMeNot (frequently use, makes it much easier to read news on registration-required sites)
  • SpellBound (frequently use, lets me spellcheck )
  • Web Developer (frequently use, though prefer CSS editing bookmarklets in general)
  • Adblock (always in use, NYTimes and WaPo never looked more legible)
  • Copy Plain Text (imagine I'll use, haven't had the need yet, cleans up clipboard text)
  • Translate (sometimes use, saves me from typing in babelfish)
  • LiveHTTPHeaders (frequently use, awesome if you sysadmin or write servlets)
  • MiniT (sometimes use, lets me reorder tabs)

Just installed: * DictionarySearch (search for definition of any word on page) * FLST (when you close a tab Firefox will switch to the last open tab, which seems more correct) * Allow Right-Click (override annoying javascript that disables right click menu) * ImageZoom * Statusbar Clock (can't have enough clocks on my desktop)

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Awesome, thanks for the list. I am just getting started with firefox. Adblock is very cool...

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