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Firefox gets even better

Get Firefox!I just downloaded the preview release of Firefox 1.0, and they've just added a new feature that makes you think, "Now this is how things are supposed to be."

The feature that has me loving the new Firefox is Live Bookmarks. Described simply, Live Bookmarks allow you to add RSS feeds to your bookmarks that appear as folders, i.e. if I create a live bookmark for my site, then there will be a folder called "kwc blog" filled with bookmarks for the latest entries from my site. There's even auto-discovery, so when you visit a site that has a feed you'll see a rss icon on the bottom status bar that you can click on and choose the feed you want to create a Live Bookmark for. But it's so much cooler than that.

The reason why its so much cooler is that I can create Live Bookmarks for my bookmarks. Now my online bookmarks appear as real bookmarks inside of my browser, and it only took a couple clicks to setup. For those of you who use, you might understand why I think this is so cool. Those of you who don't, you're missing out :).

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