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OS X: the more positive thoughts

Besides the keyboard shortcut problems I've been having, my Powerbook experience has gone fairly well. It's hard to judge off of just one day's use, but I wish the following applications were on Windows:

  • Adium: IM client. Visually better than Trillian with a lot more customization. Also has scripting support, which could theoretically be used to implement some cool features such as IMing your home computer to find out it's current CPU status or what it's playing on iTunes, or write more advanced applications like caltrainbot. No metacontacts yet, though that appears to be coming soon.
  • Quicksilver: I'm hoping Google improves its deskbar and/or their Puffin technology will be competitive with this. Any application that makes it so that I don't have to use a mouse for a task is instantly a favorite with me.
  • iTerm: terminal window with tabbing.

I also installed Fugu for SCP/SFTP, but this is slightly more clunky than WinSCP when it comes to bookmarking directories and sites.

As for OS X, I like the fact that application installation is so much easier and doesn't result in 200 files being copied onto my hard drive. I also think that the way applications and user data is separated makes it a whole lot easier to backup your personal data.

I also like the fact that OS X doesn't suffer from the branding/marketing spam that Windows does, though that's not necessarily Microsoft's fault. When I first setup my Dad's HP desktop, the entire desktop was covered with ads for AOL, HP products, Musicmatch, etc... Somehow the OS X aesthetic seems to resist this clutter. The same lack of clutter applies to the laptops themselves: my Dell is covered with Intel, Windows, FCC, licensing, service, and other stickers and certifications that get gummy and nasty with use.

I also appreciate the fact that applications are named more simply. Microsoft's applications have clunky names like Outlook Express, Windows Movie Maker 2, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, etc... (apologies if I got any of these wrong. My Windows laptop is resisting power-on). It's kind of nice to create a new account and see "Mail", "iTunes", "iPhoto", etc... along with a nearly empty desktop. Not all of Apple's applications follow simple naming conventions, but I do imagine that a novice user would have a much easier time getting started with a Mac than a Windows PC (and there's no stupid Start Menu to have to keep organized).

Anyway, that's it for now. Off to the Giants game. This may be the only game that I will cheer for Bonds, lest Kenji pass me in the fantasy baseball standings.

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actually... if you want to try the program i use (proteus), their newest version has metacontacts on it.

it actually through me off for a while because i'd accidently put everyone's contacts under alex's account. but it's all sorted out now, after many tears.


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