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Are people interested in a viewing of the Star Wars DVDs at 99, and if so, in what format (i.e. marathon, one a week, just Empire, etc...)

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bp Author Profile Page:

I'm interested. Maybe one a week is the best I could hope to make it to, though.

M Author Profile Page:

I think once a week is probably good. A marathon is pretty long (I know I don't have the stamina to undergo it). I've done them before and people start zoning out during ROTJ (which makes ROTJ even more painful to watch).


i'd prefer a scrubs marathon. =)... mmm.. zach braff. he's so much better than wesley crusher.

kwc Author Profile Page:

The new scrubs are sitting on my TiVo....


much appreciated! maybe i can come visit next week -- i have a wedding in san jose on saturday. will call you when i get back from my trip east.


Not that I'm around yet, but you know I want to do the six-movie marathon once they're all out.

Or maybe I'll just make the Obiwan movie and people will be willing to sit through that; it wouldn't be that long.


The Obi-Wan cut of V-VI would be especially short. For I and II at least, Obi-Wan is in the only good scenes of either movie. Unfortunately, he is in some Jar Jar scenes. There's got to be some way to go straight from him escaping to Naboo to him making it to the palace.


I'd be interested, no preference as to format (though marathon might be hard to schedule with all of your many friends ;-)

sounds good to me. :) don't care in what format since i will probably be sketchbook shackled regardless. :)

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