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I've added my reading queue to my reading list. The list is a bit overwhelming at the number of unread books on my bookshelf represents over a year's worth of reading, especially since my Caltrain time has decreased.

I'm looking for suggestions as to which books to promote/demote in the list. If you liked/hated any of the books in this list, or, heaven forbid, you have more books to recommend, feel free to comment.

PS: the list is still incomplete. There's a several more graphic novels, some books on loan, and non-Amazon-listed books in the queue as well.

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You're only now reading Starship Troopers? Or is that a reread? That's still my favorite book.

If you end up reading The Annotated Alice, I can provide "Alice's Adventures Undergound," the original story. It's a quick read -- I read it while walking to and from the eye center on campus.

I don't have much to say about your ordering. Random fun fact: Starship Troopers was written during a break in the writing of Stranger in a Strange Land. Fans like to try and identify the break point, though I don't believe Heinlein ever revealed it.

kwc Author Profile Page:

Starship Troopers falls into the category of "SF that any self-respecting SF reader should have read by now but I haven't," which is heavily represented in my backlog. I'm about halfway through it now. There are other categories, such as "books everyone else read in high school" and "semi-related to my academic interests" that are also represented.

Alice's Adventures Underground would be nice. I should really just get the annotated Alice out of the way as it should be a quick read as well, as I've read the story before, but can no longer remember it coherently.


uhm.. i still can't figure out how to get those book icons up on my blog. duh....

dune messiah wasn't very good. the third book was ok. i got sucked into reading the whole series and by the end, i sort of wished i had quit while i was ahead (at the end of Dune).

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