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MythBusters Finally

After a series of mis-starts, it looks like Discovery is finally gonna let loose with the new MythBusters season. Tonight's episode features Archimedes using mirrors to set fire to the Roman fleet. I'm looking forward to the "Beat the Radar Detector" episode Oct. 17 and the "Levitation Machine" on Oct. 6.

In other TV news, I'm headed over the s's place to see the Lost premiere. No other new show this season has caught my eye so I'm looking for new shows to fill up my TiVo with.

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are you still going to record the smallville stuff? because lost and smallville are on at the same time.

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The power of three TiVos is knowing that one never has to choose, even if one of the shows (Smallville) is growing thin...


Just watched the beat the radar detector episode on youtube - very funny!

Probably a better idea to get one of these :-)

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