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Tengo un plan

Alias season 2 and 3 and West Wing season 2 arrived today. I don't feel guilty shelling out $$$ as I have come up with a plan to justify it all.

While borrowing West Wing season 1 from Alyssa, and was facing 15+ hours of TV watching (in less than 1 week), I decided that I would justify my TV watching by viewing the episodes with Spanish subtitles. Given the large amount of dialogue present in each episode, I feel that I'm starting to get a grasp, though it helps that I can quiz my fellow Spanish speakers for help.

My plan is to now go through all the TV episode DVDs I have and watch them with Spanish subtitles. West Wing season 2 should help me understand Spanish/Mexican politics, Buffy seasons 1-4 should help me on chupacabra expeditions, and Alias seasons 1 and 2 will train me for my career as a Spanish double agent. Sadly, season 3 of Alias is missing Spanish translations; hopefully my season 1 and 2 lingo will be enough to keep my secret identity from being uncovered.

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