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Dang Sony's got a hot laptop in the X505 (I know it's been out for awhile, but I just saw it at Fry's yesterday). I loved my old Z505, and at the time it was a leader in compact design, but it's been quite awhile since I've seen a laptop that's stunned me with it's design.

You have to be the type of person who appreciates a small portable laptop, as the screen is 10.4" (1024x768), but the base is barely thicker than a PC card and all total it's less than an inch thick. A composition notebook feels more bulky than this laptop. The keyboard response suffers a bit as a result, but I would sacrifice for that level of portability.

If only I had $3k to splurge...

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Holy! That thing is really small! If I were to buy a PC (and have a ton of extra cash to spend), this would be the one.

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