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Finished third in the fantasy baseball standings. For the first time I actually managed to stay in first place for a whole week, but I lost both Soriano and Guillen for the last month, which tanked my ranking in the runs category. At least I beat Kenji :)
 1	Oddvarks            88
 2	Club Me             84.5
 3	Blah the Ninjas     83.5
 4	Club Ninja          83
 5	Silly Name Changes  74
 6	The Downward Sprial 71
 7	cuddly munkees      64.5
 8	Ninjas Are Not Good 63.5
 9	Air Force Eagles    59.5
 10	The Oskersox        43.5

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Man, I had you beat there. I thought I had at LEAST third place (with a good chance at 2nd and hopes for first, yet again). My upward momentum just seemed to die in mid-August/September. Oh well, at least I won the other league. And, like a true Boston fan, I can always say that there's next year...

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