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Me v. US

A little known fact: I fought the US all the way to the Supreme Court, but my appeal was rejected. Seeing "Kenneth Conley v. United States of America" brings back such fond memories.

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mashby Author Profile Page:

You used to be a plainclothes policeman in Boston?

kwc Author Profile Page:

Sadly, my alterego is much more famous/infamous than I will ever be. I was in Boston at the time of his trial, which made the name overlap more amusing. Besides the frequently Boston Globe editorials featuring my name, there were apparently there were "Free Ken Conley" bumper stickers (I never managed to see/procure one).

mashby Author Profile Page:

Ahhhhhh, ok now it all makes sense. Not knowing that this was just someone with the same name as you, you had me REALLY confused! LOL!

Programmer by day - undercover policeman by night. ;)

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