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Woohoo! 'Skins suck! Really, woohoo!

Via snopes and a mailing list I'm on, I can actually be happy that the Redskins are so pathetic this year. I can even save face with my Packers friends as we are both unified in our desire to have Bush removed from office. I'll even wear a cheesehead if that helps this happen.

The Washington Redskins have proved to be a time-tested election predictor. In the previous 15 elections, if the Washington Redskins have lost their last home game prior to the election, the incumbent party has lost the White House. When they have won, the incumbent has stayed in power.

This election year, that deciding game takes place on Sunday, October 31 ... vs. Green Bay.

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I really wish that the Skins were playing a better team this week. Much like the election, I guess it's going to be a battle of the losers.

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I'm just hoping the angry moron ends up the bigger loser.

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