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I'm glad that Google Desktop search is out (is this the secret Puffin tool?). In some regards it's nice that it looks just like your standard Google search page. I'm also sure that the search results that it provides will be very nice and useful.

After using Quicksilver for Mac, though, I'm not so impressed with it. The Web page metaphor is slow. I know that Quicksilver is not a real search tool, but I want something like it that you can pull up with a quick keyboard shortcut and, more importantly, shows you your search results as you type. Look at iTunes. Look at Mozilla Thunderbird. Both have search boxes in the main window that show you the search results as you type. Even, which is a new Web-based search engine, allows you to refine your search results without having to resubmit. Why would I want to go back to the type in search, click submit, see results, refine search, etc... when there's clearly a better way of doing search on the desktop.

Also, the three most mind-boggling missing features are: * Not integrated with Google deskbar * Not integrated with GMail * Not integrated with Blogger

I know this is beta, but would it really have been that hard to be integrated with their own tools? I'm sure this will be fixed in the next release, but still. This is the tool that is supposed to circumvent Microsoft's attempts with Longhorn and WinFS to take over search, and so far I'm not believing.

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The next release of MacOS (10.4) will include system-wide live search results:

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Now that's exactly what I'd want. None of this open web browser, type in search, wait for result business. I have to give Apple credit that most of their apps have a live search box in the upper right corner.

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