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On being part of the Red Sox nation

I have been extra cynical in my role as a Red Sox fan this year. I know that as part of the Red Sox nation, I'm supposed to say "believe" and have "hope" and know that "this is the year," but I say screw all that. I've been there, done that, and seen everyone else do that in far too many Red Sox implosions. I decided to give up hope, to not believe, but it was too hard -- there was still an ounce of it left in me. With Shilling and Pedro, I had to believe that the Red Sox would win at least one of game 1 or game 2. But Shilling had no resemblance to the mighty Diamondbacks' Shilling, and Pedro got no love from the Red Sox offense. Game 3 would bring the series home, though, surely the Red Sox would turn it around then; there was still hope.

19-8, hope is gone. Having sucked their way to 0-3, with no team ever having come back from that deficit, I had finally given up all hope in the Red Sox.

It was hard watching today's Game 4. With the Red Sox down by only a run for most of the game, there was temptation to hope, to believe, but then Johnny Damon would come to the plate, and I knew that he would help me stay hopeless. If their own leadoff hitter can't get on base to give Manny something to hit in (still 0 RBI in this series), then really, how are they gonna catch up? Even as Roberts did some excellent pinch-running to tie the game, I sighed, picked up my copy of the Daily Show's America, and used the media satire to laugh away the ridiculous notions of hope. They still left the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth; they were still my hopeless team.

Escaping from a bases loaded in the 11th? Hope-check: nope. Manny finally swinging and hitting a pitch instead of walking or watching a called third strike? Hope-check: nope. David Ortiz, Mr. Division-Series-Walk-Off-Homer coming to bat next? Hope-check: almost -- this is also David Ortiz, Mr. Watch-Me-Strike-Out-in-Three-Straight-Pitches. Hope is still at zero.

Oh, Ortiz hits a homer and the Red Sox win. Well, giving up hope doesn't mean that you have to get embarrassed by a sweep. I guess they'll survive to play again later today, with their crappy bullpen exhausted, and with Damon still sucking. Mussina will be Pedro's daddy, and I'll still have no hope.

BTW: anyone else think A-Rod looked past his bedtime at the end?

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