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Zombies and Puppets

I saw both Shaun of the Dead and Team America this weekend. Shaun of the Dead was 3/4 good, i.e. it started off well, but as the movie progressed, it seemed to forget the element of satire and became more of an actual zombie movie -- there are long sections of the movie, which, if shown by themselves, would be indistinguishable from a zombie B-movie. Still, as zombie movies go, its definitely worth watching for both the opening and ending.

As for Team America, I thought it was more of a South Park movie than the South Park movie was. I don't mean that as a compliment -- the movie reuses the same jokes, songs, celebrity mocking, and Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer parodying as the South Park TV show, but, as the ratings taglines say, "all featuring puppets" and with more crudeness. If you like the TV show, then you'll like the movie, but you may ask yourself why you paid $10 to see it.

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