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The Anti-Hope Check

I'm here to provide the anti-hope check to Kenji's Hope Check, for I believe that There is Only Hope in No Hope.

Some of you in Red Sox nation may suddenly find yourself rejuvenated, your hope starting flowing out of its deep recesses and embedding itself in your heart once more, but to you I say, No Hope got us this far, let us not abandon it now in the face of two heart-stopping victories. No Hope says that the Red Sox will have to win two straight in New York, back in the place of their first two losses. No Hope says that Johnny Damon, while looking like Jesus running in for that game-winning run, is still the hitless, buntless Antichrist. No Hope reminds you that Shilling is being held together with duct tape.

You may say, but Big Papi is our savior. Big Papi has saved us three times now. Yes, but he is your only hope.

Do not believe.

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