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I gave into the quarter-life crisis. Meet my new toy. It was hard to purchase, as I already have a swank work laptop, but I wanted to have a powerful personal laptop that I could keep in my room that would be quiet (which means I can use it as an alarm clock), be good for watching video (1900x1200) screen, be wireless, and cheap. In other words, as my co-worker phrased it, I wanted a $1000 fancy alarm clock that can play DVDs.

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I guess I should have responded to your previous post... We have a 8600 on order for work and aparently dell is way back ordered. I didn't bother posting because I figured you would go for a 600m or something since the 8600 violates you weight limit by QUITE a bit at 7lbs minimum.

We aren't expecting ours until the end of the month/begining of next month.

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Darnit, I knew there had to be a catch :). Dell is claiming estimated shipping of on or before Oct 29, which would be a long wait, but not terrible. I hope they stick to it.

The 8600 does violate my weight constraint by over a factor of 2, but I'll defend it by saying that this will not be a laptop. It's just a really, really compact desktop, with a built-in screen :). Also, it has better screen resolution than the 17/19" iMacs, and is cheaper, another big selling point.

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