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The Daily Despair

riot police

Now that's what a Yankees-Red Sox game is supposed to look like: police officers in riot gear and objects flying onto the field. Those are the games that I remember. Those are the games that bring tears to the eyes.

You might think, after winning three straight after being down 0-3, a deed no team has done before, that there might be a glimmer of hope, that I could cast my cynicism aside and once again 'believe.' Two extra-inning wins (aka the Boston Marathon) and Shilling pitching on a bloody leg gives plenty to inspire, but not enough to erase the past.

Today's Daily Despair is simple. I could talk about how David 'Our Only Hope' Ortiz was 0-4 tonight, or I could point out that pinch-savior Shilling will be warming that cold bench in Game 7, but no, today's Daily Despair is:


Game 7

Bottom of the 11th

Boone (off Wakefield)

Remember: No Hope

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