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No Hope Red Sox

ho hope red sox

Who would have thought Damon, the man I referred to as Boston's Antichrist, would be their Game 7 hero? Now there's a man with No Hope.

I'm storing up a bunch of No Hope for the World Series. meta (despite her loyalty for the St. Louis Cardinals) would like to see a Boston vs. Texas World Series. I would as well, though I don't know if that will help or hurt my No Hope posture. I have No Hope that Boston will win, but if Texas wins, then there certainly is No Hope for this country.

No Hope!

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let me just say, you are evil.

this man sent me text messages with lies about the score. i could barely contain myself, thinking that my boys had lost.

just to let you know, for every false message you send me during the world series, i will smote you with some serious frowning.


Hey, I made it clear which ones were false, or was the 8 run home run too believable with the Red Sox luck? :)


too tired (drunk? no...) to straggle over into Kenmore tonight--Harvard, though, was pretty hilarious. the music majors brought their brass and an impromptu march out of the yard ensued... police cordoned off the roads just as we got there, and they were grinning just as broadly as the students. a lot of bars seemed to have closed immediately following the last pitch. as cohen and i walked down JFK, we saw on the sidewalk a large TV--at least, until recently it had been a TV. apparently it had been pushed out of a window a few stories up. wish i'd brought my camera; story of my life =)


Oh Boston, how I miss your riot-ous celebrations. Jay, you make me so sentimental :)

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