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Top of the 6th, Red Sox up 7-5

me: rooting against the red sox
me: how can you?
metamanda: i've never been a red sox fan.
me: you gotta root for the losers
metamanda: the cardinals *are* losing right now. :)
me: yeah yeah, but we know the red sox will take care of that one ;)
me: the cardinals have 9 world series wins
me: they can give one to the sox
metamanda: grrrrr.
me: you gotta share the love
metamanda: grrrrr.
me: a vote for the sox is a vote for kerry :)
metamanda: hahahaa
me: are you saying your against kerry, that you're FOR bush?
metamanda: :P
me: you're either with the sox or you're against them, and i say you, are against them
metamanda: uh huh.
me: the security of our nation depends on a red sox win
metamanda: well, let's put it this way. cards are not going to just give this world series to the sox, nor should they.
me: b/c it's gonna take a miracle for kerry to pull this one out, so we might as well ask for two
metamanda: *but* if the sox won it all, I wouldn't feel bad about it because they do kind of deserve a world series win.
metamanda: go taguchi!

Still Top of the 6th, Red Sox up 7-6 (soon to be 7-7)

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