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Game 2 despair

Kenji reminds me that the Red Sox lost the 86 World Series after going 2-0, and the eight errors this far can only be seen as foreshadowing of another Buckner moment (which Manny and Mueller seem intent on one-upping each other for the honor). For some additional despair, I've transcribed a Daily Show segment from the day after the Red Sox beat the Yankees.

STEWART: An amazing night for the city of Boston, we're actually going to go right out there to Rob Corddry, who's in Boston. He joins us from outside Faneuil Hall. Now I want to point out, Rob, you're from the area, you're a huge Red Sox fan, I do congratulate you, and I wish you well. Rob, the Red Sox down 3-0 against their archrivals the Yankees, historic comeback to win the series, I mean, C'MON Corddry, what's the mood down there?

CORDDRY: The mood here is hopeful. Cautiously optimistic. The people feel the Sox have the Yankees more or less where they want them, but only time will tell. Jon.

STEWART: They have the Yankees where they want them? Rob, it's over. The Red Sox --

CORDDRY: Don't don't don't don't don't. Jon, Jon, Jon, you're going to jinx it man. You're gonna jinx it. Something could still happen. Um, there could be a forfeit, or the pennant could go through Buckner's legs. I don't know. Derek Jeter could fly counterclockwise around the Earth real, real fast until it's the night before like Superman did. It's the Yankees, Jon, they're always pulling [bleep] like that

STEWART: Rob, I would imagine that on at least this night, on this night, there would be jubilation in Boston.

CORDDRY: Jon, I'm a Sox fan. Failure is all I know. But after last night I'm feeling almost, successful, is that a word? I don't care for it man.

STEWART: Well are you at least looking forward to the World Series?

CORDDRY: Yes, yes, yes. Which we could still blow. And in some staggeringly biblical fashion. That would be... heartbreaking (smiles). heartbreaking.

STEWART: Thank you very much Rob. Enjoy it up there. C'MON CORDDRY!

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You don't happen to know where I could get a clip of this, do you?

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