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The new iPod Photo is pretty much everything I wanted in an iPod. Beautiful color screen, photo storage/display, TV out, and sync support for Photoshop Album. Oh, and there's better battery life. When I go home to visit my parents I can now take with me my recent photos to show them on their TV, and when I travel with my Belkin flash adapter, I can offload images onto my iPod and view them later on. Now I just need to scrounge up $500.

Update: (10/29) It's a little less perfect. The new iPod cannot display photos that you've imported using the Belkin flash adapter, I guess because it is not able to create thumbnails for them. So while it's a cool iPod, it's not my dream iPod.

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You are an evil, evil man to make me want a new gadget that I can't possibly justify buying, but which I will lust after anyway. Oh, and the fact that I would need a spiffy new digital camera to make the new gadget worthwhile just means I would have to spend more money. Evil!


that should be "although it's a cool iPod..."

j "gurgle gurgle grammar nazi" deep

ps. you realize you brought this on yourself, birthday boy, with that "eats, shoots and leaves" nonsense.



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