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Remember your envelope

I voted today... twice. Well, not really, but it was complicated.

I took in my absentee ballot to the polling place so I could vote on the paper-trail-less touchscreens. I must be the only person in history to do this because they looked at the absentee ballot in my hand as I handed it to them with utter perplexation.

"You're registered to vote absentee," the kind old lady says.

"I know, here is my absentee ballot. I want to vote on the machines instead," I replied.

"You need an envelope for that," she points out to me.

"No, I want to vote on the machines," I remind her.

She processes this in her head a little more and decides its beyond her training. "Todd, can you come here. This man here wants to turn in his absentee ballot and vote on the machines," she calls out.

"You need an envelope for that," Todd tells me.

"No, I want to turn this in and vote on the machines," I repeat to Todd.

Todd takes my absentee ballot into his hands, still perplexed that there it's not sealed inside a blue envelope. "Where is the envelope for this?" he asks.

"I don't know. I'm turning in the ballot anyway so I can vote on the machines instead," I remind him.

"You can give him a new envelope," another poll worker calls out.

"I'm not voting absentee, I'm voting on the machines," I say, yet again.

Luckily, a young teenage volunteer comes to my aide and explains to Todd to complex process of writing "Surrendered" on my ballot, and at long last I receive my smartcard to go vote, and I did... twice.

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