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F- you Apple

My iPod battery is going dead after one year of service. It lasts about two hours now.

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I'm sorry to hear that. I have had mine for 3 years now, and the battery still consistently lasts for 8-hours at a time.

Can you get that replaced for cheap? Is it under warranty?


I think it's $70 repair if it's done by Apple. I'm going to look around because I think there are do-it-yourself kits that run $30.


Perfect excuse to upgrade to the iPod Photo!

Actually, my battery has been on the fritz recently. It'll cut out at times, as though it's run out of batteries, yet when I turn it back on, it works fine. In fact, at times, it'll appear to have no battery life, yet after a few minutes of playing, the battery indicator will shoot back up.


I've had the battery indicator problem in the past (now, of course, I have no battery :) ). After pulling it out of the charger, it would read zero, but the battery life would actually increase over time (the magical cold fusion iPod).

I'm really tempted by the Photo iPod, but the principle of it is making it hard ;). If my iPod were still functioning, I might be tempted, but now that it's breaking, my stubborness wants to get my iPod fixed up and say "F- YOU APPLE! I'll not give you more money, because that's what you WANT me to do. You can take my battery, but you'll never have my FREEDOM!"

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