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Visited counties map

In an attempt to outdo my visited states and my visited countries map, I now present to you, my visited counties map:


I'll admit that I was inspired by ps's visited counties map, which is both cooler for the amount of coverage as well as the color-coding indicated the time period. I've elected to use a three-color scheme: yellow for drive-by visiting, orange to indicate that I actually did something there (other than pee at a McDonald's), and red to indicate a tie to that particular area (visited multiple times, family, live(d) there, etc...).

I'm still missing a line connecting San Antonio to Raleigh via Baton Rouge, and a line connecting Atlanta and Orlando. For both lines I can't recall which route was used. There are also some missing counties here and there that I'll get to when I have energy to spend on this again.

Update: with the help of my dad I was able to resolve some more routes. This is 99% complete now.

Update 2: to all those who stumble across this entry and wish to undertake this giant task, I highly recommend downloading a free trial of Keyhole, which will allow you to pull up highway and county boundary data -- it makes it a lot easier to figure out where you've been. You might also find NACO county maps useful for matching up the Keyhole data to an overall picture, and last but not least, you can get blank maps to fill in from Christopher Swindle.

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