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I've been playing around with the Keyhole, which Google recently bought and is offering a free seven-day trial for. If only I had started playing with the trial when I first heard about this, I would have saved myself a lot of time and effort. It lets you easily overlay highway and county lines, which would have saved me hours when I was putting together my county map.

I'll probably shell out for the software, though some things don't impress me. It's address lookup is terrible, only working on about 10% of the addresses I enter, and very finicky, too, as it sometimes only finds the address if you leave off the road/drive/street designation. It also doesn't come with any soft of tracklog integration with a GPS unit, though if you're a hacker you can get some conversion scripts to run yourself.

The one feature that sold me on the software was when I scanned over Yosemite park and switch into a 3D perspective. I could make out the whole Yosemite valley, and each of the campgrounds/landmarks was well designated.

Granted, this is essentially the same software as the free earthviewer that Nvidia had put online, but it comes with the extra features necessary for using it as an actual tool.

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