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Notes: Episodic memory

Most of the talk isn't relevant here, so I'm only including the brief background notes, mainly because I had not heard of utile memory before.

Types of memory:

  • Episodic Memory: "I read today that Paris is the capital of France"
  • Semantic Memory: "Paris is the capital of France". Incremental learning, abstraction.
  • Working memory (aka short term memory)
  • Procedural memory: knowledge of how to do tasks
  • Prospective memory: Memories of intentions to perform specific actions in the future
  • Utile memory: memories of utilities associated with specific experiences

Semantic, episodic, and working memory relationship (from a CS architectural viewpoint) * Episodic: hippocampal system * Cortical: semantic memory * Pre-frontal: Working memory * Activate semantic and episodic memory into dynamic memory, can enter our working memory. * Episodic memory abstracted into semantic memory. * Dynamic memory: state of activity of EM and SM. perception, language, reasoning act on it.

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