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Widgets got a rebirth with Konfabulator, Apple will soon have Dashboard, and soon there'll be Konfabulator for Windows to go along with some of the imitators.

Now there are widgets for blogs, based on the Laszlo infrastructure (flash-based). The Blogbox widgets are a bit sparse right now, and they seem absurdly difficult for the average blog user to customize, but there does seem to be a little bit of promise contained within.

The current set of "blox"es aren't particular interesting to me. It's hard for me to see the extra value in having a flashy weather app on your blog (in comparison to the javascipt-based weather listings). They do provide the ability to condense content, e.g. taking a long list of links or photos and presenting them within a single, small box, but it would be more interesting for me if the bloxes were enabling a new behavior for visitors of your Web site, e.g. a common IM space for people visiting your site, or if they provided additional insight into the content of your Web site, e.g. visualizations. I'll have to wait and see what sort of widgets they come up with next.

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Actually konfab for windows is out already. Unfortunately my widget doesn't work under windows :(


Wow, completely missed that one (strange how their journal makes no mention of it being released).

I'm downloading it as we speak, though I imagine it won't work with your cool little wifi tool.

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