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Thanks to Paul's comment I'm now trying out the Windows version of Konfabulator. I'm very happy as I've been waiting for this for a long time. Thus far, it seems like they've done a really good job with the port, though the widgets do seem a little out of place with the Windows look and feel (but really, would you want it to match?). I've tried a lot of the Windows Konfabulator imitators and none of them had the polish of the original, so it's great that I can't really tell any differences between this port and the original.

The Windows version does have some serious issues with iEx, so I've had to shut the latter down (which is fine, because Konfabulator will likely be more useful).

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What widgets are you likely to end up keeping around, do you think? This whole blog discussion set off me going through the gallery looking for widgets, as I do every few months.... but, my normal load is pretty low these days: iCal Events, kBloglines, and The Weather were the ones running before my little update-rampge. I also like ImageView quite a bit, but haven't had it living on my desktop long enough to say much more than that.


Screenshots? What, you think this is blog or something? Here you go (warning: large file):

I have different setups for my home and work computer, partly due to the different screen resolutions, and partly due to work/play distinctions.

Home: Top 25 (college FB), WikiSearch, Thesaurus-Dictionary, Mini Airport, Mini Battery, Weather, Calendar, Simple Notepad, What To Do, Word of the Day

At work I use Notebox instead of Simple Notepad (Notebox doesn't work well with my screen res), mini To Do instead of What To Do, I also don't use Top 25, weather, Word of the Day, or WikiSearch due to the smaller screen.

I couldn't get Ping, LJFriends, or the widget to work on my machine. I'm also having trouble with Blogliner and kBloglines.

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