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The almighty water filter

honeyfields has this PUR water filter on her sink that lets you switch between unfiltered (dirty) water and filtered "PUR" water. If you leave the switch in the normal position you get the unfiltered water pouring out. If you twist the switch, the water gets redirected into this filter and comes out "PUR" out of another spigot.

I got to thinking that if I ever have kids, I would use the filtered faucet to teach them all about morality. When they were really young, I would explain that there's good water and there's bad water, and it takes more work to make good water, but people like good water more and they live longer drinking it; the bad water might taste more interesting, but then you'll end up sick and dying of weird diseases.

When they get a little older and start reading comic books, I'll then use the faucet to explain different models of morality. There's the Lord of the Rings model, where you either flip the switch one way and have good water or flip the switch the other way and have bad water. Then there's the Spiderman model, where you can mix the good water and the bad water by sliding the switch only partway, but the good and bad water come out of separate spigots and don't mix. And finally there's the Wolverine model, where the good and the bad water mix together and come out of one spigot.

When they're even older and are trying to work on their math homework, I'll use it to teach them the difference between discrete and continuous math...

My hypothetical kids will have issues...

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So what are you going to tell them when they ask you why bad things still happen to good water?


I'll tell them that even if you try to make good things with good water, like pasta, if you boil the water too long the pasta will turn out soggy.

I'll also tell them good water does not make them immune: it doesn't matter if it's good water or bad water, if you throw it into hot oil you're going to get burned.


the psychologist in me could make so many comments about your proposed method of childrearing. but given that i already know what you're like, i guess it all makes sense that you'd somehow be able to incorporate the xmen into the teaching of morals...

hopefully, the rest of the world won't endeavor to teach their kids about values through magneto and dr. xavier.


Xavier and Magneto are actually a really good moral lesson setup. They're two very different approaches to dealing with the problem of prejudice and defending your people. Sort of like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Violence versus reconciliation.

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